Super Deluxe

Super Deluxe is a premium multiplatform entertainment company with the most engaging and fastest-growing channels targeted at creative youth. Known for developing culturally relevant characters and story formats that resonate with loyal fan bases, the company produces an ecosystem of content, from scripted and unscripted TV shows to Webby Award-winning short-form videos and social media, interactive live programming, creative tech products, and branded campaigns. In 2018, Super Deluxe will have seven TV shows on Netflix, TBS, Facebook, AMC's Sundance Now, and more. The Los Angeles Times has described the company as shaping the future of television, and Fast Company has named it one of Hollywood's Most Innovative Companies.

Cheap Thrills x Ultimate Ears (Short Form Sponsorship)

Cheap Thrills is Super Deluxe's premier DIY format, hosted by breakout star Tabasko Sweet, aka The Hypebeast Martha Stewart. Last December, Tabasko teamed up with Ultimate Ears for our first-to-market sponsorship for this premier IP.

This Close (Sold to AMC Network's Sundance Now)

Currently in production on its second season for Sundance Now, AMC Networks' premium streaming service, "This Close" is a groundbreaking comedy about deaf best friends that was created, written by, and stars Shoshannah Stern and Josh Feldman - who themselves are deaf. Super Deluxe discovered, developed, and sold the project after the underlying series of shorts on which the project is based received critical acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival in 2017.The full first season is available on

Wendy's to Dip or Not to Dip (Whitelabel Live)

Our proprietary Live Kit Technology is not limited to our page. We teamed up with Wendy's on "To Dip or Not to Dip," promoting their new chicken tenders on their Facebook page. The live stream went to No. 1 on the Facebook Live Map, a first for Wendy's.

Super Deluxe x Slim Jim: Hungermania 2018 (Custom Branded Facebook Live)

Together, Super Deluxe and Slim Jim produced a fully interactive, livestreamed wrestling event for fans. Powered by over 1M views, fans tuned in to help create custom wrestlers to attempt what no pro wrestler had before: defeat the Hunger Monster!